Sendang Gile Waterfall Tour

Bausendang_gile_waterfalln Pusuk

The Pusuk Pass is a winding mountain road that starts in Gunungsari and runs through the mountains inland, to Pemenang in the north.
The drive up the pass provides wonderful views of valleys and gorges, with rivers running through the tropical forests and small villages dotted amongst the trees. Families of gray monkeys live in the jungle and come down to the road to beg for food from passing motorists. This area is great for short walks in the hills and valleys with crystal clear cool streams.

Segenter Village

Is one of the traditional Sasak Villages on the Northern Part of Lombok. The villages are not so many different than the others. The livelihoods are farm such as chestnuts, cassava. They sold to the local market at Bayan.

Senaru Village & Sendang Gile Waterfall

at Senaru are amongst Lombok´s most spectacular, even after climbing the 200 plus vertical steps down to stand below them. The water tiu_kelepcascades in a steep vertical drop down the hillside into a rocky stream below. It is popular with both locals and tourist visiting Mt Rinjani National Park. The short trek through the jungle to the lovely Tiu Kelep waterfall nearby, where the water flows into a pool at the base, good for swimming.

Climb the rocks to the hidden cave behind the falls and follow local legend that says for every pass behind the waterfall, you take one year off your age.